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DISTILLERIE TESSENDIER & FILS SAS, located at 94 rue Robert Daugas 16100 COGNAC (hereinafter referred to as "DISTILLERIE TESSENDIER & FILS"), undertakes to process personal data in accordance with the law “INFORMATIQUE & LIBERTIES” of 6 January 1978 as amended and the “EUROPEAN REGULATION ON DATA PROTECTION” (GDPR) of 27 April 2016.

This personal data protection policy informs you of the commitments made by DISTILLERIE TESSENDIER & FILS in its capacity as controller, concerning the processing of personal data in the context of the commercial relationship with its customers.

This policy will be updated according to changes in regulations and internal practices.

It is recommended to consult it regularly to keep you informed of any changes.

It is attached to the GENERAL TERMS and CONDITIONS OF SALE (hereinafter referred to as "GTC") of the DISTILLERIE TESSENDIER & FILS. The terms used have the same meaning as defined in the GTC. In the event of contradiction between one of the provisions of this policy and the GTC, the terms of the present will prevail.

Article 1: The personal data of the customers

DISTILLERIE TESSENDIER & FILS undertakes to respect the principle of minimizing the processing of personal data.

Thus throughout the commercial relationship, DISTILLERIE TESSENDIER & FILS establishes documents and commercial exchanges (quotes, invoices, exchanges of emails, etc.) with its customers. In this context, DISTILLERIE TESSENDIER & FILS is likely to collect personal data of individuals and staff members when the customer is a company.
The personal data collected and processed differs according to the status of the customer.

  • When the commercial relationship concerns an individual, the personal data processed relate to his / her identity (including name, surname, telephone number, postal address, email address) and as part of a purchase, Bank details.
  • When the business relationship concerns a company, the personal data of the staff members treated are related to the identity (limited first and last name) and their professional situation (in particular the position occupied, the professional email, the telephone number professional).

All personal data that may be processed in the context of the business relationship must necessarily be provided by individuals or company staff. They are essential to the business relationship.

Article 2: The purpose of the processing carried out on the personal data of the customers
DISTILLERIE TESSENDIER & FILS collects personal data in order to carry out treatments with specific purposes.

The personal data processed through the documents and commercial exchanges allow the communication between DISTILLERIE TESSENDIER & FILS and the customer, from the beginning to the end of the relationship (needs study, sales, follow-up of the customer relationship, service after -sale). They can also be used in the context of the resolution of disputes in particular in case of non-payment or problem related to the order.

They may also be used by DISTILLERIE TESSENDIER & FILS for prospecting purposes for products similar to those already purchased. The customer can however oppose it by clicking on the unsubscribe links included in the prospecting emails.

The processing carried out on personal data has the legal basis for the execution of the contracts falling within the scope of the commercial relationship, the respect of legal obligations and the consent of the customer validly given by the signature of the GTC whose present policy is attached.

Article 3: Retention of personal data of clients

These personal data will be kept for the duration of the commercial relationship and will be destroyed or anonymised.

Certain data may be kept longer in accordance with the legal provisions in force (for example the accounting rules for keeping records for 10 years) and in particular the prescribing rules.
Personal data processed solely for the purposes of commercial prospecting will be kept for 3 years from the end of the commercial relationship.

Article 4: Securing personal data

Personal data is processed through documents and trade that may be in paper or digital format. All these documents and exchanges are kept in-house by the DISTILLERIE TESSENDIER & FILS. It then makes every effort, by applying physical and digital technical measures (access to secure premises, restriction of access to premises, video surveillance, application of passwords and identifiers on servers and computers, - fire, antivirus ...), to avoid any misuse of information, loss, theft, intrusion, alteration or destruction of data.

In order to ensure that the data is not lost or destroyed, the company SOGEMAP, a computer subcontractor designated under its trademark "NEVA" (hereinafter referred to as "NEVA") performs under a contract with DISTILLERIE TESSENDIER & FILS, regular backups of some critical data. By virtue of its data hosting status, NEVA has extensive means to protect the data thus entrusted. Access to NEVA's servers is secured by the application of physical technical measures such as alarm surveillance, video surveillance, restriction of access to premises and physical adaptation of premises (armored doors). NEVA also implements digital technical measures such as the isolation of networks, the application of identifiers and passwords for each client, the encryption of backups and the establishment of firewalls and antivirus. In order to maintain and control the servers, only authorized NEVA technicians have access to the content.

Article 5: Recipients of the personal data of the customers

Personal data are processed internally by DISTILLERIE TESSENDIER & FILS and by NEVA in the context of data hosting (data backup service).

They may also be used by the competent institutions and courts in the context of controls or in the event of litigation.

They are neither resold nor exchanged with third parties.

Article 6: Customer Rights

In accordance with the regulations on personal data, individuals or staff members affected by this policy have a right of access, rectification, deletion, limitation and opposition to the processing of your data.

To exercise all these rights, you should contact the Data Protection Officer directly by email at the following address: or by mail.

Data Protection Officer


94 rue Robert Daugas

16100 COGNAC

Article 7: Contact

For all inquiries concerning personal data and this policy, please contact the Data Protection Officer of the DISTILLERIE TESSENDIER & FILS by email at the following address:

If, after contacting DISTILLERIE TESSENDIER & FILS, customers believe that their rights are not respected or that a device set up in the company does not comply with data protection rules, they may submit a complaint online at the CNIL or by post.

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